The Scream and the Yawn

#MunchContest for Adobe and myself. The challenge was a good one.

Scream Contest Fun - The Yawn
The Munch challenge was to recreate the Scream painting in a new and personal way using recreations of Munch's brushes by Kyle T. Webster. 

My original idea of the illustration was showing the coldness of the city, a juxtaposition with the original scene in Munch's painting. As I worked, I realized it isn't the crush that makes you crazy. It's the exhaustion. So, the scream turned into a horrified yawn, with dark tired eyes. 

My image started and was almost completed in Sketch on an iPad Pro, but I had to finish it up in Photoshop. I needed those mixer brushes and a color swap.

Below is a gallery of the Sketch versions, the final, and a detail of the final. Comments are welcome. 

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